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Word Recognition

Language and Literacy

Learning Centres Mini Books


colour words matching

labelling the body

number words to ten

throw a word throw a word - 1   2  3   4   5   6

100 most used words - bingo

number words concentration

0 -10

body snap  

body bingo

Year 1

100 most used words - bingo

looking at the ends of words - 'ed' on the end

looking at the ends of words - 's' on the end

opposites - boardgame

word confusions

action words - bingo 

number words concentration

0 -10      11-16       17-18      19-20


Year 2

looking at the ends of words

syllables - environment words

syllables - sports

throw a Word - Christmas - secular

Throw a Word - religious

materials and substances snap

compound words

compound dominoes

jumbled words

traffic signs bingo part 1, part 2

Years 1 & 2

reading activities - cards

Year 3

contractions snap/concentration

matching equipment to the sport

sorting words - 2


irregular past tense 



purple - colour

purple - b & w

ad - colour

ad - b & w

Baa, baa, Black sheep

Two Little Dickie Birds

Three Blind Mice

This Little Piggy

Incy Wincy Spider

Easter Symbols - b & w (easy)

Mini flip books


a as in apple,  

a as in apple  (2),    

e as in egg,   

i as in ink,   

o as in orange,  

u as in duck,   

Foundation & Year 1

The Easter Story - b & w

Palm Sunday - b & w

Years 1 & 2


We go to Mass

frog book

Easter Symbols - colour

Easter Symbols - b & w

The Last Supper - b & w

The Agony in the Garden - b & w

We go to Mass

The Creation Story

Jesus Calms the Storm

Only One said Thank You

Jesus is Baptised

Mini flip books


 ai ar,  ay,  

ea,   ee 1,  

ee 2,   er,   fl,  

ie,   ir,    oi,     

oo,   or,   ou,    oy,   

ow,    st (beginning),     

st (end),    ur,  

y as in my,

Years 1 - 3

Jesus was Tempted in the Desert - large - colour

Palm Sunday - large - colour

The Transfiguration

The Holy Spirit Comes

The Holy Spirit Comes  2















Word Walls

 I Have... Who Has...?



Shared Reading


body words



day and night words

200 most used words flashcards












100 words 1

100 most used words - 2

100 most used words - 3

100 most used words - 4 

body words

number and colour words



ie words









highlighting words

class names wordsearch

sports colour-in

sports equipment (Thank you Paula) 

sports syllables



topic words - toys

sport words - colouring

Foundation - Year 2 

Mix a Pancake




Today Is Sunday  - display (Dr Jean)

red poster by Sabiha

yellow poster by Sabiha

blue poster by Sabiha

white poster by Sabiha

alphabet poster - A to C - by Sabiha 

pink poster by Sabiha 

green poster by Sabiha

purple poster by Sabiha

brown poster by Sabiha 

black poster by Sabiha 

orange poster by Sabiha 

opposites - display cards



Three Blind Mice

This Little Piggy

Incy Wincy Spider

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep - PowerPoint presentation

Two Little Dickie Birds - PowerPoint presentation

Three Blind Mice  - PowerPoint presentation

This Little Piggy  - PowerPoint presentation

Incy Wincy Spider  - PowerPoint presentation

We go to Mass - big book


Little Mouse's New House - story

Baa, Baa, Black, Sheep

Two Little Dickie Birds