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Me Traffic Safety Sunsmart


I have... Who has...?  body words

I am Loved By.., - mobile

People Who Help Me Look After Myself

friendship flower - procedural text

friendship chain - procedural text

personal safety - cloze activity

feeling words poster

Years 1 & 2

about me

feeling words poster

my body- fact wall

Growth and Change topic words

Amazing Body Facts shared reading





Years 3 & 4 

dancing skeleton

Circulatory System crossword








Foundation - Year 2

traffic lights - procedural text

Years 1 - 4

traffic safety - acrostic poem plan

traffic signs bingo part 1, part 2

matching traffic signs to their descriptions

Years 3 & 4

boardgame project


Victorian traffic signs clip art

Foundation - Year 2

sunsmart - colour by number

shirt - dot to dot

sunscreen - dot to dot

hat - dot to dot

sunvisor - procedural text

Years 1 & 2