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English Worksheets

Language and Literacy

Comprehension Spelling Word Recognition Graphic Organisers Grammar

Years 1 - 3

text features

Year 2

draw a Zeebuck

synonyms - big



letter jigsaws

'a' word families

'e' word families

beginning sound 'b'

beginning sound 'c'

Sam I Am - rhyming words

Years 1 & 2



double letters

rhyming words - Green Eggs and Ham

individual spelling weekly activity sheet

spelling star

sports colour-in

sports syllables - worksheet (Thank you Paula) 


butterfly syllables

Christmas syllables

writing around the room

spider word study  - sp, er

bee rhyming

frog and toad rhyming

slugs and snails rhyming

Year 4

homophones - there/their

Years 1 - 4

individual spelling wordlist - weekly activity sheet

wordsearch grid








highlighting words

Foundation - Year 2 

Mix a Pancake

labelling the body

Years 1 & 2

noun/pronoun agreement


class names wordsearch

butterfly lifecycle wordsearch


sports syllables

Christmas syllables

Butterfly syllables

sports colour-in

sports equipment (Thank you Paula)

Recycle crossword

Commonwealth Games crossword

butterfly crossword

snail crossword

spider crossword

compound words - Christmas

compound words - 2

compound words - 3

compound words - compound words

body compound words

compound words  - spiders








Years 1 & 2


character study

Y chart - characters

topic words - toys

topic words - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

topic words - the beach

Christmas - topic words 

Olympics topic words

sports topic words

























Year 1

full stops

Christmas verbs

sports verbs

beach verbs

Easter verbs

Year 2

synonyms - big

collective nouns

comparatives and superlatives

Years 1 & 2

an before a vowel

nouns - the beach

bee nouns

spider nouns

sunflower nouns


Christmas adjectives  1   2

Easter adjectives

bee verbs and adjectives

frog verbs and adjectives

slugs and snails adjectives

ladybug verbs and adjectives spider verbs and adjectives

sunflower verbs and adjectives

worm verbs and adjectives

describing me - adjectives

school nouns

classroom nouns

playground nouns

Year 3

irregular past tense

past tense

Year 4

homophones - there/their



 been/bean for/four


 homophones crossword

Dictionary Skills

Year 2

sunflower colour by number  - alphabet

alphabetical order

finding words in the dictionary

guide words - dictionary skills

Teacher Tools

Years 1 - 6

revising checklist

individual writing focus charts

individual genres chart

spelling checklist












  Literature and Literacy  

Graphic Organisers



Years 1 - 3


character study

Y chart - characters

story pyramid

graphic organiser

Years 1 - 6

story think pad

main idea

Lent and Easter - concept wheel

organised cluster

organised cluster - template

fact walls

fact wall - template  

fact wall 2

my body - fact wall

fact wall - pigs

fact wall - the beach

Olympics factwall

sports factwall

my body - fact wall

factwall - bees

fact wall - Australian wetlands

fact wall - Australian rainforests

fact wall - endangered animals

fact wall - Austraian deserts

fact wall - Australian Oceans

fact wall - Australian Bush

fact wall - Great Barrier Reef

fact wall - Wetlands

fact wall- rainforests

fact wall - desert

fact wall - oceans

Cause and Effect Charts

pollution  - cause and effect chart - Australian wetlands

pollution  - cause and effect chart - Australian Oceans

pollution  - cause and effect chart - Australian Bush

pollution  - cause and effect chart - Great Barrier Reef

pollution  - cause and effect chart - Wetlands

pollution  - cause and effect chart  - rainforests

pollution  - cause and effect chart  - desert

pollution  - cause and effect chart - oceans













mindmap - template

mindmap - endangered animals

mindmap - the beach

sports mindmap

Olympics mindmap

mindmap - Austraian deserts

mindmap - Australian wetlands

mindmap - Australian rainforests

countries mindmap

Austrlain Oceans

mindmap - Australian Bush

mindmap - wetlands

mindmap - Great Barrier Reef

mindmap - rainforests

mindmap - desert

mindmap - oceans

mindmap - space

Australian animal mindmap

topic words

topic words - Australian wetlands

topic words - Australian rainforests

topic words - Great Barrier Reef

topic words - endangered animals

topic words - Austraian deserts

countries topic words

topic words - Australian Oceans

topic words - Australian Bush

topic words - Wetlands

topic words - rainforests

topic words - desert

topic words - ocean

Y charts

Y chart - the beach

Y chart - Australian wetlands

Y chart  - Austraian deserts

Y chart - Australian Oceans

Y chart - Australian Bush

Y chart - Great Barrier Reef

Y chart - Wetlands

Y chart - rainforests

Y chart - desert

Y chart - oceans

KWL charts

KWL chart - template

KWL chart - oceans

KWL chart - desert

KWL chart - the beach

sports KWL chart

KWL chart - Great Barrier Reef

Olympics KWL chart

KWL chart - Australian rainforests

countries KWL chart

KWL chart - Australian wetlands

KWL chart - endangered animals

KWL chart - Austraian deserts

KWL chart - Australian Oceans

KWL chart - Australian Bush

KWL chart  - Wetlands

KWL chart- rainforests

what I know - day and night



Venn diagram comparison - template

comparison double bubble - template

sports comparison

ladybug comparison - Venn diagram

habitats comparison - Australian wetlands

animals  - comparative table - Australian wetlands

plants  - comparison - Australian wetlands

habitats comparison - Australian rainforests

butterfly and caterpillar comparison

frog and toad comparison

slugs and snails comparison

spider comparison table 

animals  - comparative table - the beach

plants  - comparison - the beach

pollution  - cause and effect chart - the beach

countries comparison - Venn Diagram

traditions comparison - double bubble

habitats comparison - Australian Oceans

animals  - comparative table - Australian Oceans

plants  - comparison - Australian Oceans

habitats comparison - Australian Bush

animals  - comparative table  - Australian Bush

plants  - comparison - Australian Bush

habitats comparison - Great Barrier Reef

animals  - comparative table - Great Barrier Reef

plants  - comparison - Great Barrier Reef

habitats comparison  - Wetlands

animals  - comparative table - Wetlands

plants  - comparison - Wetlands

habitats comparison - rainforests

animals  - comparative table - rainforests

plants  - comparison - rainforests

habitats comparison  - oceans

animals  - comparative table - oceans

plants  - comparison - oceans

habitats comparison - desert

animals  - comparative table - desert

plants  - comparison - desert

planets  - comparison

Years 1 & 2

predict and check

word meanings

asking questions

beach litter

nocturnal animals

party invitation

placemat comprehension

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - rebus puzzle

beach litter - comprehension

Olympics rings

frog comprehension

Feeding your worm farm 

tree life


aboriginal flag

The Sun

The moon

What causes day and night? - response

Moon chart - Moon PowerPoint follow up


Christmas tree conditional


Bertie Bee

frog conditional

ladybug conditional

sunflower conditional


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  - sorting

Cloze Activities

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - cloze activity

Rememberance Day


nocturnal animals

fish cloze activity

frogs cloze activity

Hail Mary

Our Father


ANZAC Biscuits 

drawing a rocket

Jesus is Born

Sydney Opera House












Years 1 - 3

listening post follow up

Mary said "Yes"

The Olympic Flame - sequencing

Years 1-4

Little Red Hen comparison

asking questions

Years 2 & 3

Last Supper - cloze activity

Alleluia, Jesus is Risen! - sequencing

Years 2, 3 & 4

Temptation in the desert - based on De Bono's hats

The Agony in the Garden - sequencing

Palm Sunday - based on De Bono's hats

The Agony in the Garden - based on De Bono's hats

Year 3

Decimal Currency

ANZAC Biscuits  - sequencing

 The Melbourne Cup

Years 3 & 4 

I've Lost my Diary! - logic puzzle

Who came first? - logic puzzle

pet parade - logic puzzle

At the Car Wash - small 3 x 3 individual

Albert Namatjira  

Year 5

Australian Flag





















  Writing Plans Writing Publishing Spelling  

Foundation & Year 1

recount - who, where, what, when

Years 1 & 2


storyboard 2

Years 1 - 3

Sorry Prayer

What Am I?  toys

sport report  

Mum alliteration

poem plan - moon

Years 2 & 3


recount - plan 3

story pyramid


Years 1-6

Tongue Twisters

flies tongue twister

ant tongue twister

butterfly tongue twister

frog tongue twister

bee tongue twister

ladybug tongue twister

snail tongue twister

spider tongue twister

worm tongue twister

sunflower tongue twister








Years 1-6

Research booklets

fly research recording booklet

ants research recording booklet

butterfly research recording booklet

frog research recording booklet

ladybug research recording booklet 

snail research recording booklet

spider research recording booklet

worm research recording booklet

investigation booklet - endangered animals

investigation booklet - Australian wetlands

investigation booklet - Australian rainforests

investigation booklet - Austraian deserts

investigation booklet - the beach

investigation booklet - Australian Oceans

investigation booklet - Australian Bush

investigation booklet - Great Barrier Reef

investigation booklet - wetlands

investigation booklet - rainforests

investigation booklet - desert

investigation booklet  - oceans

Space investigation booklet







Years 1-6

Acrostic poems










traffic safety











endangered animals

Austraian deserts

Australian wetlands

Australian rainforests

The Beach

Australian Oceans

Australian Bush

Great Barrier Reef












Sorry Prayer

Lenten prayer

acrostic poems  

endangered animals

Austraian deserts

Australian wetlands

Australian rainforests

Austrailian Oceans

The beach

teddy acrostic poem

kites acrostic poem 

archery - acrostic poem

equestrian - acrostic poem

swimming acrostic poem

gymnastics acrostic poem 

athletics acrostic poem

cycling acrostic poem 

Mother Acrostic

Australian Bush

Great Barrier Reef



















letter jigsaws

'a' word families

'e' word families

beginning sound 'b'

beginning sound 'c'

Sam I Am - rhyming words

Year 1

bee rhyming

Years 1 & 2

frog and toad rhyming

slugs and snails rhyming