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Year 1

reading activities - cards

past tense - adding 'ed' to the ends of words

adding 's' to end of words

plurals snap

plural rules

plurals bingo by Sabiha

Year 2

reading activities - cards


proper nouns

Year 3

irregular past tense

contractions snap

Year 4




















Year 1

full stops

Christmas verbs

sports verbs

beach verbs

Easter verbs

Year 2

synonyms - big

collective nouns

comparatives and superlatives

Years 1 & 2

an before a vowel

nouns - the beach

bee nouns

spider nouns

sunflower nouns


Christmas adjectives  1   2

Easter adjectives

bee verbs and adjectives

frog verbs and adjectives

slugs and snails adjectives

ladybug verbs and adjectives spider verbs and adjectives

sunflower verbs and adjectives

worm verbs and adjectives

describing me - adjectives

school nouns

classroom nouns

playground nouns

Year 3

irregular past tense

past tense

Year 4

homophones - there/their



 been/bean for/four


 homophones crossword

Year 1

questions poster

verbs - display

adverbs poster

pronouns - poster

Year 2

comparatives and superlatives memory game and display

Year 4

homophones sign

Year 5

plural rules

plural rules by Sabiha






















Year 4



































Word Walls

  Scissor Practice






snowcapped mountains 












Baa, baa, Black sheep

Two Little Dickie Birds

Three Blind Mice

This Little Piggy

Incy Wincy Spider

Help the fly get to the rubbish bin 

Help the bee find its hive  

Help the caterpillar find its leaf  

Help the ladybug get to her leaf

Help the snail find its dinner

Help the spider get to his web

Help the sunflower find the sun

Help the worm get to the apple core 

Year 1

dotted thirds - portrait

dotted thirds - landscape

Year 3

Cursive Writing license










body words



sport word wall


 a,  e i u, g,

200 most used words flashcards 1-50,   51-100,  







Years 1 & 2

A sound all,  ar,  E sound,  

ea_ee, ell en,   er er - end   

ie ing   ir oooo or ow/ou qu,   st th ur,  wh/w 

200 most used words flashcards

101-150    151-200